Science of Science and Computational Discovery Lab (SOS+CD) is run by professor Daniel Acuña from the Department of Computer Science in the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The SOS+CD Lab works on understanding current practices in science and developing semi-automated methods to mine scientific knowledge from vast, unstructured datasets of full-text publications, citations, and images. We use various computational techniques, including deep learning, natural language processing, graph analytics, image processing, and causal inference.

Our talented alumni have secured positions as software engineers, data scientists, data engineers, and security analysts. Many of our graduates have gone to postdoctoral and assistant professor positions at top institutions.


Science of Science and Computational Discovery Lab
1111 Engineering Drive
Room 105 ECNW
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309

About the Department of Computer Science and the University of Colorado Boulder

According to the rankings published by US News and World Report, the Computer Science program at CU Boulder ranks among the top 18 of public universities in the United States. Additionally, the graduate engineering programs are ranked within the top 10 among public universities, and within the top 19 across both public and private institutions.

About Boulder, Colorado

Nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is a picturesque city known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. Just a short drive away, Denver, the state capital, boasts a vibrant cultural scene.